Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

Tom MacDonald

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    FACEBOOK: TomMacDonaldOfficial
    INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
    TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. mack the knife

      Just be you man keep yourself happy.

    2. Unknown

      I think it's time, reach out to NF and see if it works out, what's the worst that can happen? If Eminem and Kid Kudi could make a song... I'm sure Tom and Nate could.

    3. Brent Cool


    4. Masgerion

      You really inspired me Tom.

    5. Software Bear

      Here is the truth: There are ALWAYS going to be shitty people who are going to criticize and second guess your every move because their lives are so shit that in order to avoid the anxiety of tackling their own bullshit, they attack other people's lives to delude themselves into thinking they're better. That can come in the form of moral objections, right down to straight up hater shit. They. Don't. Know. Your. Life. Fuck 'em.

    6. Jacob Jordans

      I love your music dude

    7. Sherie Klem

      You are always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰‼

    8. Don Dayter

      Tom you killed this as usual! Keep up the great work!

    9. Sahil Choudhry

      Check Sellout by KR$NA💥 (the second link in youtube below this video)

    10. eric camp

      Hey Tom MacDonald hey bro. Your not a sell out. I look up to one day. I will be like you come on top. Keep it day I get to meet u and say thank you and your partner for the music that help my life in person.

    11. Ryan Hayes

      Tom is definitely not a sell out fuck the haters! keep doing you love the new song!!!

    12. Breanna Huntington


    13. Katie Pearson

      Wow... just wow! Hit it and get!

    14. Hruaia Renthlei

      Love you from India Mizoram 😍😍😍

    15. Greg Stevens

      I said it before but I really thought when I seen him he would be corny rapping about xanex🤣 like all new artist( I say artist for lack of better word) but I can admitt when I'm wrong tom Is fire and so is his lil crew. Killing it with real music not this " xanex xanex xanex I'll suck a dic* for some xanex" songs so called artist put out now. Keep it up straight 🔥🔥🔥

    16. VsM_Fatality Gaming

      Anyone who thinks he's a sellout don't know shit

    17. Debra Foster

      You're amazing Tom!!! I truly love and appreciate you and the fabulous music ( magic) you create!! Every song has a meaning and is completely necessary for EVERYONE to hear. I only wish they all knew how badly they need to hear you. Love u FAM forever

    18. John Andrews

      I love the message of this song. Please keep 'em coming. Newest fan, right here!

    19. Glenda Thompson

      Some people can't stand it if you get out of life what you want!! And isn't why we work so we can have things that we want and need??🤔 I think so..Tom go on and keep doing all the things you want to and deserve to..and the true ones will stay and cheer you on and the others..well we will just keep faith that they too will find what they need so they will find happiness! Love your music man and I THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY AND JOURNEY!! another good always..😁👍🤩

    20. Jayson Wellman

      Tom, My name is Jayson and I have to admit that I do not like rap and hip hop because of what is portrayed and sung about. BUT, I happened onto your music, specifically the song SOBER, which I related to a lot with my own life. Since then I have listened to all your songs and for whatever this is worth to you, you are the ONLY RAP/HIP HOP artist I listen to. I apologize if you don't consider your music hip hop or rap am not meaning to insult you. Your music is amazing, and inspiring and talks about real life, real things, and there needs to be more of that. So thank you for doing what you do Tom, and also to your girlfriend. I'll never know the pressure you feel to keep doing what you do, and to sell out to the major labels, but my prayers are with you and yours that you keep doing what your doing. Thanks again Tom. Look forward to more of your music.

    21. Savanah Dahlsten

      You're fucking awesome

    22. Home chefbbq

      Don't listen to them bro. Do you 💯

    23. Zach Beaumia

      Tom your amazing i love you so much bro i been with you since wisky wars and dream people keep doing you im proud of who you became you stayed true to yourself and im glad i listened to you have a great day man keep it up

    24. Ricky Reaves

      This dude is the MC right now. Keep blowing Tom up. Well deserved

    25. Wang DangDoodle

      You keep doing you Tom😀 I'm so happy for you both 😊

    26. Ryan Brussell

      Yeah guys start listening

    27. Carly Anderson

      Keep doing what your doing Tom, you're music isn't like anything I've ever heard before and I love it! Keep it up and I can't wait to hear more!! 🤑👏🙌🤘

    28. PLAY NICE

      This music video is lit money money money

    29. big dicc company Breadmaker

      Nice song

    30. Tree Void

      Everything you do man just hits me a different way. I’ve got my own struggles and feel lost, but seeing you fight through yours helps give me a little strength to keep moving a little more forward

    31. George Shkreli

      I just discovered you a few hours ago and already listened to almost everything you put out. You just became my favorite artist. Wish artists like you weren't the minority. Keep doing what your doing you got a fan for life!

    32. IcehawkLB

      Love it bro. Keep it move. You're a voice for a lot of us right now.

    33. XDranzer000

      There's one thing I don't get about his videos... why does he censor the swear words but show the middle finger ???

    34. Ergo Sum Adrieyl

      He sounds like Macklemore 🧐

    35. Actual

      you're my favorite =)

    36. Lost Gavin

      The fact that he can sympathise and relate with his fans that think he changed is so cool.

    37. Mrb 11



      We can change how we look or even how we act. But we can never change who we are our how we got to where we are are. U do u.

    39. Heather

      Awesomeness as always!! Thank you for all you do for us (your fans) we love you an your music is my life relief ❤️💪🏻👏🏼

    40. Blake Brown

      I just come across your music about a week ago. I have binged every song and haven't found a single one I don't like. keep dropping the hits tom!

    41. Amused Oyster

      “I will never write that bruh” respect my man

    42. Jordan Valencia

      Thank you Tom and nova . Your music touches all types of people on a personal note for every mood and place in life. You keep on going forward and forward. I'm in recovery I'm 2 years clean off narcotics and doing great , all I do is work and take care of my family . If yall are new to his music , please give it all a listen. God bless you tom and nova

    43. Sunny Girl


    44. Holly Adams Smith

      Biblical implications about vaccine and Christian doctors have confirmed. See Revelation 18 and do research. Contains man made enzyme called LUCIFERASE. God's people die from lack of knowledge.

    45. Abraham Herrera

      Tekashi69 antithesis☯️

    46. Saga Jönsson

      I love u as an artist and a human being 🥰 and a free thinker

    47. Abigail Mason

      Is it just me or is he speaking common sense in every song and the only thing that change that was 2020.

    48. Anon Ymous

      He's racist, boycott tom

    49. Caleb Lamley

      Fuck the haters, your music is straight 🔥 🔥.

    50. Jodi Johnson

      Burn it if you want. Keep it if you want. Do you. Fuck everyone for criticizing you for having something nice. Second hand or first hand. Always go with your gut.

    51. Scott Timms

      tom will never sellout. let the haters keep hatin cause as long as they keep sayin his name then he gonna get the views and more fans cause at that point people will see tom for who he rteally is... a genius and a master at what he does. people hate on tom cause he has done what no one else has...made it to the top as a true independent artist. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

    52. Infinite Powers

      This is the gayest rap song I ever heard

    53. Britnie Levi


    54. Saiyan Richard

      I don't get it

    55. Mikey Cooper

      imagine calling tom a sellout, i just listened to wannabe and then listened to no lives matter, if anything he has learned and is now writing better rymes

    56. Olivia Lesinski

      This is so sad that he has to explain his self. I only found you recently but i love your music we all suport you!

    57. Young boss Halstead

      byburn.info7O7JEpRK2cM Jamaican 🇯🇲

    58. Young boss Halstead

    59. Effnine66

      You changed? Naw.. you evolved. Like any good person who learns from life. I was just talking about you Nova last night about how awesome you guys are and arill doing it by yourself. Lots of respect man, people have mad respect for you both.

    60. Louis Vuitton

      Tom am your biggest fan from Ghana 🇬🇭

    61. Michael Hoover

      I don’t see how you can be a sell out for trying todo for you and your girl just to be living a life where your not struggling to have food the next week you have worked hard in life to get to where you are and should be proud of the man you have become keep going man live your life to the fullest and keep speaking the truth this world needs to hear

    62. Tiffany Clark

      We love y'all! Fuck the haters!!!

    63. S Dwyer

      This guys a dork

    64. De B

      It's a fucked up world when you realise that people will encourage you to become successful and when you eventually reach that success they hate you for it and they go out of their way just to try and bring you down.

    65. andrewpaintball246

      It kills me when I hear people call Tom a sell-out the guy's been on the grind for years doing what he's got to do to earn what he's got now. Hard work pays off thats what i take from his success.

    66. Praemus Armada

      I was once told. Not everyone will like you and you can’t please everyone all of the time. This helped me accept difficult people. Love you Tom. What you do in a sea of trolls and unhappy misfits reaches those of us who truly appreciate it.

    67. Christopher Carnahan

      You can't be mad at someone for using the success they worked for to finally get a life they appreciate. If you really hate someone for improving their situation i guarantee its because you're either in a bad position now or have been in one and instead of doing something about it you want everyone to vibe down there with you and thats not how it goes. Life goes on people change as their lives inevitably change this goes for everyone artists included so obviously his musics gonna change but if you gonna support someone when they at a low point don't hate if they get to a high point and start doing better than you.

    68. Druid Emperor

      I'm disappointed. Your just another formatter. 🇷🇴

    69. Eddie C

      1.3m views in 2 days

    70. tina coffey

      Dude love your music, fuck the haters how they going to be mad because ur not struggling like u was your fans should be happy for you no matter what you buy what you wear they should be there to support you and your music!

    71. Justin Doster

      I love your song keep it up you are doing good 🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤

    72. Blackwidow Lyrics

      I made lyrics to this 😊

    73. Blackwidow Lyrics 😊

    74. Nicki Nixon

      The Eddie Guerrero Dance!!

    75. William Marcum

      your the best rapper I know you not a sellout you a great kind person keep working hard

    76. Bagfries

      I see you hyping your releases, and it always takes me a few days after you put it out for me to get the guts to listen. There's always a strong chance that a Tom MacDonald track is going to hit hard and change the way your day feels. That's a good thing, but you have to be ready and brace yourself. My wife and I struggled for a long time. Now we have all the things we need and some of the things we want. Beating the poverty struggle is damn hard. It feels good when you finally win after years of 60+ hour weeks. I wont forget the hard times, or stop appreciating how struggling made us stronger. I'll never sellout my past or my future. It made me, and I won't let someone else cash in on our struggles. With you on that mentality.

    77. celesa1981

      The only people you sold out to was the folks who who don't like TRUTH!!!You're too real for them and they can't take you cause you ARE Tom Macdonald Bitch.LOVE IT HOMIE!!!!!BLESS UP 💛

    78. carsten naygardener

      Hey bro I just watched sellout we know it's right the opposite greetings from Germany Fan base we have ur back, u will see we back u up

    79. GrampyPa

      Yo, let's play minecraft sometime, Tom

    80. Tim

      Be you that's it. Love it

    81. John Holmes

      Lying in hospital bed in scotland not doing good at all but thanks for putting smile on my face today top tune brother x

    82. Bedereag Șerban-Matei

      People who talk shit like that, they ain't (and never were) real fans. You keep on doing what you do best. Mad love and respect from Bucharest, Romania!

    83. RyEvDee

      Please don't flex the RED cam on me tho.....

    84. Jax XO

      So dope 🔥 My dad about Nepal !! I wanna know this guyz cause I'm from Nepal !

    85. Lissa Kizza

      Keep doing you and don’t listen to the hate stay above it and keep speaking truth.

    86. Grant Mcgeever

      💥🔥💯🔥💥🔥💯💯💯🔥🔥 smashed it bro

    87. Cody Lynn

      Good shit G

    88. Love You

      This song goes well with his old song if I change. It’s low-key like a reply to that song!!

    89. Scott Murray

      Tom And Nova... I Tell You From Mine And So Many More Hearts Globally... Well Done, We Love You Both For Giving Us Hope To Achieve Our Own Greatness... Congratulations.. With Every Song We Have Seen You Both Grow Towards Greater And Greatness... (My Greatitude) A Solo Production Is Lonely... When You Are Both, Backing Eachother Fully Every Part Is A Memory.. Today I Am 8yrs And 9mths Clean And Sober Thanks To The People And Their Support... And Again I Thank You Both There Is No "I" In Team... Love, Commitment And Trust.. I Am Not Going To Cry.... Loving Four Legged Friends Too...♡.Scottie.

    90. Nicholas Woodstock

      Yo this song was awesome, i do like the songs more like this but i also don't think I've heard a single Tom song i don't like so ya know

    91. Ashly Thrasher

      My friends and I all absolutely love your music Tom. You're fucking amazing!! Kids all have a nursery rhyme song to go to sleep. My four month olds is your song bad news. I start it and he stops fussing and goes to sleep. He just loves your voice now. Keep up the badass work Tom!! Thank you!!!

    92. Vincent Dominguez

      Dope ass music bro

    93. Bingz B

      You're awesome man, keep doing what you're doing!

    94. Mr Link

      Your awesome bro keep rocking fuck the haters hating because they dont understand the legend of you

    95. Jessica Henny

      Damn another awesome hit from Tom 🔥 🎶

    96. munkeysworld1 munkeysworld1

      Lol fuck the ones who say you sold out, you never became a sellout you are just going through progression and get better and better keep going down your own lane bro

    97. Icequeen143

      There isn't anything wrong with being able to provide and take of your family... Especially after all the hard work you've put into making it happen. I love you and you're music because you stay real and true to who you always were, even before you made it big. You came from the bottom and now you're rising to the top. Fuck all the haters! Be proud of how far you have come, your real fans see you for who you are and who you'll always be... Tom Macdonald. ❤❤❤

    98. AJ Dee

      Thanks for sticking to your guns 🔫 partner... you, you, and we dig that my guy.

    99. no1wrench


    100. lovefortruth

      Tom, you and Nova did all the work to get where you are. You EARNED it. And you never compromised on your convictions on anything in order to get there. At least that's what I see from your videos, bars, posts and livestreams. This is a good video, but it really is unnecessary to apologise for or defend yourself. Just keep living your life according to who you are, as you always have, and that's all the proof you need. 😊👍