The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

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    What happened to the three lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isles?
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      1. Plant

        What would you do on a deserted island? What extra person would you bring?

      2. valsol

        shane which part of little women (the movie) did u start crying at this is important

      3. Grace Linnea

        Which rap song would you rather use against the water sprites, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Fancy by Iggy Azalea?

      4. Yazmine Yacub

        whenever i need to do scottish accents i just always say it how i think shrek would say it and i think you guys should try it too!!

      5. Candy Smithey


    2. Shyam Yadav

      Theory 3 ???

    3. Caroline Carruthers

      It was definitely the storm mermaids. 😉

    4. Lisa3975

      Have you guys heard about the Lost Boys of Pickering? It's gone unsolved for decades.

    5. Colby Strahan

      You guys need to check out the Crescent moon hotel in Eurekasprings Arkansas lot of history possibly some ghosts

    6. The Mandolorian

      You guys should do the Rey Rivera case it’s very interesting and I think u guys should look into it

    7. Tammy

      I’m Scottish and the accents omg ahahahhahaha

    8. Bella Poole

      Could this have inspired The Lighthouse?


      this episode should be renamed ryan and shane butchering a scottish accent

    10. Eunice Sintos

      This reminds me of “The Lighthouse” movie starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Patinson. Very claustrophobic movie I must say.

    11. Dil 8049


    12. Prithvi Kewalramani

      Ryan's laugh gives me life 17:01

    13. Alina

      that brave reference🤣

    14. megan martin

      Me: being Scottish and not offended Ryan: if your Scottish and are offended you should be Me: if you say so!!

    15. OGRiceFarmer

      Ryan's laugh 😂😂 17:00

    16. Cactus Box

      This is awesome also at 3:38 in video Shane’s face is 2020 summed up

    17. powerbricc6000

      Supernatural when?

    18. susan jones

      Nice to see the boys back in action. Can't wait for the next mystery.

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    20. Lucas Campbell

      Being Scottish makes this video way funnier

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      Aaaaaaa oh m g I’m so happy 😃😃😄😄 Thank You Buzzfeed Unsolved Network for another new and freshhh Thrilling Unsolved Videos ❤️💞💜💜💜 Imagine gettingg a heart🥺🥺🥺

    23. F P

      wtfff I thought they both left buzzfeed

    24. Kat

      English : life buoy (boy) American : life booey Uh no

    25. Lee Brown

      ... Booee??

    26. mary carmel mercado

      mystery about Bermuda Triangle please

    27. K W

      please do the black eyed children Cannock chase forest, specifically castling. I have personal evidence to corroborate findings

    28. Rico Sat

      watttt Buzzfeed has new video :O

    29. Ryan Jackson

      Why are Americans dreadful at accents

    30. Jennessa Barna's Room

      maybe 2 of the light house keepers died of illness or natural causes and the last one buried them somewhere or threw their bodies in the ocean. Then the last one if he truly was depressed and sad cause he was all alone he jumps off the cliff and kills himself.

    31. henry

      Do the fiona torbert murder in the highlands

    32. Hedvika Krejzová

      #postmortem ok, but hear me out: a rap battle video between ryan and shane, like i would watch that. btw matching boots? fab #shaniac #loveyouryan

    33. Clayton Orr

      Don’t stop making these please! This is the only reason I follow this page is for this

    34. Wannabe_cute

      No one is confused by the fact that every clock stopped at the same time? No? Because that screams alien

    35. Kasey Brewer

      I love unsolved. Love the boys on Watcher too!

    36. ianny tabale

      I miss their usual set up and that creepy manekin

    37. Evil AF

      It's the LOVE WORKING AT THE LIGHTHOUSE for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Aimee Hill

      On behalf of my fellows Scots I can absolutely confirm, those are the worst Scottish accents I've ever heard 😂 you guys are hilarious though! So glad to see you're back 💕

    39. The_Ak_ Guy

      Welcome to me light hous

    40. zintosion

      Just a 2020 humor! Hahaha......*sobs*

    41. The_Ak_ Guy

      I love you guys keep it up

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      As if the US pronunciation of buoy is booey, how’s buoyancy pronounced? Booey-ancy?

    43. E Mhaighstir

      When their pronunciation of the Gaelic Eilean Mòr (meaning big island) is more accurate than their Scottish accents 😂

    44. 12 year old me was not good at picking usernames

      Post mortem question: is shanes face okay after that accent fail?

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    46. Nicole Hansen

      I haven't laughed this hard in a while, these guys are hilarious 🤣🤣

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      shane has an ao3 account i’m calling it

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      social distancing kings

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      This story freaks me out. I'm glad they are covering it😁

    50. Arabhi Ka

      Theory!! The three guys where obessely bored so meybe they all bought shooroms or asid and it was really strong so they got soo bad they jumbbed

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    52. MrSaradhi1993

      Finally await is OVER..... SHANERYANIAC are back...!!!

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      "They love light" Lighthouse keepers= moths ????? O.o

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      can u make a vid on 'jinn' encounter??

    57. zaeliyen

      shane not realising he could have rhymed light with sprite will never not be funny to me

    58. louis tomlinson supremacy cult

      ryan: these men either got swept by the ocean, killed each other or were abducted by aliens shane: no, i think they lived happily ever after :))

    59. Adam Dickinson

      Christ why are they sitting so far apart? They had a massive falling out or something?!?

      1. Wendillon

        Covid. They have to set a social distancing example.

    60. Hokusai

      Oh... i thought they quit this gig to do Watcher... I’m glad they’re still doing unsolved. Ryan’s narration is so iconic...

    61. Jamie o0o0o0

      In the spirit of these three decided to become a brother husband trio and run off to Jamaica together, and how that those mustaches in the thumbnail are reminiscent of burt Reynolds playgirl spread, so hot, and this is the total best case scenario.

    62. Charlesen Billuk

      0:47 the best part

    63. Sarahbeth Parker

      Anyone else feel like they already made a video on this a while ago? Like i remember watching this with them months ago but they were in their old office.

    64. Shawn4815162342

      How are you guys on season 7 of this and haven't done an episode on the inconsistent "evidence" surrounding Kurt Cobain's death???

    65. *Afriana Lost*


    66. DarkComputerGirl

      Me: *(listens to both Ryan and Shayne "rap")* "I consider myself a GOOD freestyle rapper... But If I'm going against Shayne and/or Ryan I'm probs gonna kick their asses at an epic rap battle" XD

    67. Paulina Torres

      not the men having a drop the mic event with men mermaids

      1. Paulina Torres

        a whole roast session

    68. Benry

      i zoned out completely for a little bit and the thing that broke me out of it was shane yelling "#nutbuster"

    69. drttyu liqm

      What if morale was so bad they made a suicide pact..

    70. Ariel Novak


    71. Bappo

      Did these disappearances inspire the movie “the lighthouse” with Robert Pattinson and willam Defoe?

      1. Lafalot54

        no different story

      2. drttyu liqm

        I want to see an episode on the good hart murders in good hart MI

    72. Anthony Floyd


    73. Rachel Klein

      #postmortem I feel like the spirit that scared off shepherds was over looked. Is there any possibility that the spirit had something to do with their disappearance?

    74. Ma go

      butt of shane is the windiest place in the US LOL

    75. Hi Milly!

      Dammit, i missed you guys!

    76. Fiore Ciliegia

      This reminds me a lot of the Kaz 2 ship disappearance

    77. Zeph R Sp

      I want y’all to do the dytlov pass

    78. shenshine

      for post mortem: is it possible that pirates or bad men abduct them and kidnapped them to be slaves?

    79. MySelfEsteemIsLowerThanTikTok

      what if they just.....abandoned the lighthouse??

    80. it’s blu

      Ryan’s had his zingers down pat. Very proud.

    81. milkyeon

      25:28 Oh hey, Ricky's back! :D

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      This is fun with Ryan but Shane makes this more fun HAHAHAHHA

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      do the murder of elsie paroubek!!

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      Why do Shane and Ryan sound hammered?

    86. The Sarah Daily

      I want to see an episode on the good hart murders in good hart MI

    87. Mangoren

      Lighthouse keepers are just moths

    88. Jason Hornsby

      Oh my god, I am SO glad to see you guys back with a new season.

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      Ryan: "its possible... but not plausible.." Also Ryan: "Theory 3...."

    90. Gemgem Goodall

      Why do I feel like I’m heard this before..

    91. Zachary Gaskill

      YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND THE LAST REAL REPORTERS LEFT AT BUZZFEED, and you're investigating the paranormal.... that's all that needs to be said

    92. spyro115

      my theory is that, they got abducted by someone/s foreign who came on the island and threatened them as they came along leaving everything behind.

    93. mushroom _Fairy

      ive really missed this.

    94. Victor Lazaro

      Wait haven’t they done this story before? I could’ve sworn I heard something about lighthouse keepers disappearing and talking about a storm? Does anyone else know maybe what other channel has talked about this?

    95. Stephen Kosobucki

      Thank God they're back

    96. Xeritinrx

      This feels like what inspired the movie the lighthouse

      1. Lafalot54

        Nope it's based on the smalls lighthouse tragedy

    97. Garrett Hampton

      Your next video should be about who killed Leah Rowland’s, a murder case in Nebraska, the killer was caught killing her on camera but nobody has ever caught the man or know who he was

    98. Baked Chowdahh

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    100. D dancer

      Shane's hair looks great, too bad the straights are so uncomfortable over a man wearing a headband. Y'all really hate any remotely GNC men huh