Mulatto - In n Out (Official Video) ft. City Girls


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    Апублікавана 7 дзён таму


    1. ChrissyB Beauty

      Honestly JT is so much harder than yung Miami

    2. Dani

      i love that few of mulatto's music videos have food in them

    3. Teirra Jordaney


    4. Dani

      i wanted to see the girl working at the truck stop pop that shit hahaha

    5. R2TheArTisT

      I notice Yung Miami improving with her verses

    6. Red W.

      She lost hella weight looks good

    7. A. Deluxxxe

      is this song really about a dick sliding in and out her vagina ?

      1. Yung Brand

        @A. Deluxxxe i didnt say it was everything but its alot would u rather have a normal life by studying and get a 9 to 5 or be travelling in private jets chilling full time going places with the money u have??i would pick the second one

      2. A. Deluxxxe

        @Yung Brand money isn’t everything

      3. Yung Brand

        she fyee nonetheless she easily worth over 5 mil and shes only 21 lol

    8. Bonnie


    9. Mariah Jackson

      It's JT part for gets me so hype 🤣❤🔥

    10. YoungNateKingKoleon


    11. Tony Parks


    12. Pedro Gonzales

      Hear this song

    13. John williams

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      1. gtoss chddy

        Why’s everyone saying this is hard😂😂this is trash

    14. Rybenique Mccartney

      Miami verse was my favorite,,,,, IDC dont @ me either❗❗

      1. gtoss chddy

        Aint cheatin wit no nigga we was entangled 💀😭

    15. Ty Plair

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    16. Kei Kei

      Who remember this know she’s grown up 💕😭😭

    17. Beauty Escape With You

      She growing I like this and city girls yessss

    18. ᑭᑕYᑕᕼO p e a n d a

      I was here before tik tok y'all best to get y'all ticket 🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫

    19. Leonardo Henrique

      Caresha is soo banjee ❤️

    20. Y CREE

      Remix nicki minaj & Megan the stallion?

    21. G.L Dixon

      I think a remix with Slim Thuh would be supa sexy and sp southern! Gettim Latto!

    22. Dee Dee Smith

      My momma: What u want to eat? Me: *plays this song*

    23. Big Yachty

    24. Latanya Bowens

      305 that right

    25. Heather lynn

      When latto says "let me get a number tennnnn" why it sound like woah vicky 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    26. tk_slat savage

      When we all wanna play da song but type in n n out😂cuz we ghetto af

    27. Kemarius Thomas

      Omg okkk okkk

      1. Kemarius Thomas


    28. Tiara H.

      Aint cheatin wit no nigga we was entangled 💀😭

    29. Tristan_ G

      Why’s everyone saying this is hard😂😂this is trash

    30. Mo'Nique Jones

      Video hard 🥶🤯

    31. Austin Ramiresz

      In N Out burgers is super overrated

    32. Mimi Love

      Them eyes was about to pop out wtf 💀💀💀

    33. Life Of Marcy


    34. HelpMeGet1MillionSubscribersNoVideo

      A future millionaire will like this comment

    35. MissTia777

      Those houses are not upscale. Competing with W.A.P but LOST!

    36. Frederic Reid


    37. Aaliyah Moore


    38. F Bailey

      My fav part is when JT says “ahaaa”😂😂

    39. JabrielKiera

      All you talk about is sex 😂😂👎🏻 I remember you couldn’t even make yo songs make sense you sholl have camed a long way .

    40. Alyssa Cooper

      Love lattto🥰🥰🥰😘😘

    41. gtoss chddy

      “Big latto sauce” 😂😂😂😂😂 “that sounds like some motor oil”💀💀😭😭

    42. darlxiia

      “That sounds like some motor oil-“ -⚪️👄⚪️

    43. Mani Baby

      JT bodied 🗣

    44. AdrienneStarr

      we know why the guys watching;)

    45. Alexa fiend

      i luv this song and how the vid is fun keep up the good work/fan since day 1

      1. gtoss chddy

        Miss Wonderful Happy Sweet a Present Good Luck Universal Nice To Love You a Ultra Sexy Daisy Star Day's a City Girls💃

    46. 50 styles

      Please check out my music and page and subscribe if youd like ❤❤

    47. Dondarius Mar'quiel

      “Baby we don’t have that , dhatt sound like some Motor oil “

    48. Tati Bee

      Jttttttttttt ! Sis verse was the shortest and the hardest to me let’s go bitch!

    49. Sean Alexander

      Miami is truly Young Trina

    50. Keesha

      JT yessss

    51. Aramide.T

      She reminds me of livvvv🤣

    52. Taniyah sutton

      I was here before tik tok took over this song and ruined it

    53. SweetMissMikka


    54. Lao Kartoon

      was up with hoes making hoe videos nowadays? is that what MFs like to bump on their cars now?

    55. Bal Zhiñamauf

      Garbage dipped in hoe juice

      1. Yung Brand

        yooooooo 😂 💀 yo it is trash but shes a female yo cut her some slack ur comparing it to male songs dont do that if u do that then its trash af ong

    56. Pillsbarydope boy 6lok

      This what we bangin in 2020 now😂??

    57. Johnathan Cunillera

      mulato cute but got no ass lol

    58. Vincent Zimmermann

      Happy Wonderful a Present Good Luck Universal Nice To Love You a Sweet Angels

    59. Vincent Zimmermann

      Miss Wonderful Happy Sweet a Present Good Luck Universal Nice To Love You a Ultra Sexy Daisy Star Day's a City Girls💃

    60. Vincent Zimmermann

      Happy Wonderful a Present Good Luck Universal Nice To Love You a Ultra Sexy💃

    61. Bob Macado

      In a bun she look like woah Vicky

    62. Votez Votez

      Imma dude but this track go hard ash 💯

    63. Sykil Demarco

      How you know latto from clay co cause her lattos sign is zestos

    64. Anthyy

      This shit is garbage bruh

    65. R Kirsch

      Amazing talent,, probably took her a whole hour to make this.

    66. Justin Juss


    67. Talaiaplayz

      Bruh this shit is fucking terrible I dont know what this generation is doin these days reply to me if you got sum to say.

    68. YOUNGTE?M - ยังเติม

      from Thailand ✨♥️

    69. David Jackson

      Y’all did that!!!! Super dope!!!

    70. S Dwyer

      This song is crap

    71. HybridPredator

      E E E E E E A E E E A I N I N A I N I N A

    72. Nazma Mohamed

      When my crown

    73. Nazma Mohamed

      Big latto sauce

    74. Sandro A

      Beautiful song

    75. gabriella mccabe

      Nahh I fw Lotto but this song sound dumb sound like every song out there I need sum diff

    76. Javiera Úrsula Gabler Zúñiga


    77. TyJuan Fletcher


    78. KE Love

      Umm I like her other songs but The chorus gotta go , honestly the only things I liked about this song is the city girl part it sounded like she was just featured and it was her own song 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

    79. Rebekah So

      "I ain't cheatin' with no n*gga, we was entangled" 🤣🤣

    80. msdang7

      They so cute!!!

    81. Jazzmine Dillard

      For one this video 🔥 and JY had the best verse

    82. RobbieWritesCode

      Have they isolated Sars-Cov-19 for the PCR tests to detect it definitively?

    83. Cypress Munro-Ali

      City Girls Saved This Song💯🔥🔥🔥

      1. mijuo roui

        Finally a Christian song I can show to all my church friends

    84. Zee M

      Was y’all on BLK ?? 👀👀👀

      1. mijuo roui

        Have to do better

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    86. Hepa Da Producer

      Stick it in my a$$ 😂😂

    87. Imvu Hoe199

      The begining gives me like a my type vibe tbh

    88. Tomax


    89. Shanegla

      I think Tom McDonald. did the same song Same hairdo Better lyrics. What's it called? Stupid people...

    90. Asa Allen

      Aye they all talking that shit on here

    91. Hollywoodsquimc

      You ain’t putting nothing in and out of a Jamaican man mouth. WE NO DO THAT

    92. Chasity Owens

      City girls fire thoe!!

    93. Chasity Owens

      Who else think Lil Yachty should of been on this song👀?

    94. eriuana briggs

      “wit sum big lato sauce ona side”.

    95. Shaquoyah Khalifa

      Shit was trash stg

    96. 1Msmills

      Have to do better

    97. gtoss chddy

      Finally a Christian song I can show to all my church friends

    98. Christianna Thompson

      Old school vibes 😍. Love it here😩💙

    99. IISOLO Sykes

      Did anyone else notice king Roscoe ? rap game season 3 ?

    100. COCO

      I just love this shit🤦🏽‍♀️