Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk [Official Video]

Meek Mill

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    Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk
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    Апублікавана 4 дні таму


    1. Meek Mill

      QUARANTINE PACK! Leave a 💎💎💎

      1. Chris Velasquez

        💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 this shit on reply. Damn man perfect timing ⏱

      2. Jason Mason 😂

      3. Maine x Gaming

        I like your your moive and music

      4. Christina

        This kid low key fire 👻🔥

      5. Tinga Minta

        Meek Mill please keep convincing Harden to go to Philadelphia 🙏🏾😭 ???

    2. Luigi 0989

      don't judge my pain if you don't know the shit that I'm against

    3. Crossy Diego

      Meek who

    4. Irvin Nicollier

      The King is back

    5. LLN Traee

      That’s Crazy Because Lil Durk Felt The Same Way About King Von That Meek Felt About Lil Snupe 🕊💚

    6. Shad Mushota

      We needed this!!!

    7. Zay OTF


    8. Damxn

      Hey, inspiring producer here! Please check my beats and production out on my page!

    9. Angel Team no limit

      Shit bunz

    10. abel

      dis shit snapped fr bruh🔥🔥🔥🎯

      1. Pto_Youngan


      Shit HARD🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Pto_Youngan

    12. Khallid Khallid

      For Rainy 🥶

    13. Kryst Luangasa

      "I feel like a Crip cuz I can't even trust my Blood" 🔥🔥 RIP NIP

      1. Pto_Youngan

    14. Akeem Brown

      gd money

    15. Skhumbuzo Gcaba

      This fire right here

    16. Kyle M Hamilton

      *at **0:17** u can see it’s prop money has the yellow written this anit real*

    17. newboy james

      i can't stop listening, don't know if its because its real life real tlk

    18. Visual Mastermind Jc Vevo

      Came here for meek, but EVERY DURK LYRIC, Make a nigga feel that shit 🥲😥😢😢 RIP TO ALL THE GUYZ N ALL OF YOURS You've lost #ripkingvon

      1. Pto_Youngan

    19. Mason Squires

      Chicago makes the best. Long live king von

    20. MevsWorld Music

      Pain away lyrics:

      1. Pto_Youngan

    21. Akatsuki Salazar

      Who else wants yellow pants now

    22. Fish Jo

      I don't like it-meek n durk fan

    23. Akatsuki Salazar


    24. Raythegrate HME

      This just hits different... rip king von

    25. Ak Khan

      Ever since von died this song and g herbos ofng bring tears to my eyes god bless all the good souls that were lost way too early

    26. Angielee Gilhooly

      #meekmill I'm a struggling single parent and the stress is so so bad yeah this song gets to me the words too but I'm toiling for Xmas for my daughter and i pray for someone to help take my pain away as tbh at times i feel like ending it all. Yeah lots of you will say or hate on me as its only Xmas well to cut a long story short her dad got 7 years for attempted murder on me and i suffer anxiety depression and PTSD this shit is real was going to try start a go fund me but people would all down me saying I'm begging I'm not begging well maybe i am but just to give my daughter her phone she wants and cpl other stuff i cant afford i feel this song in so many ways. Please people don't come at me as depression is a really bad thing and if you have saw 5 minutes of what I've been through i think you will understand would it be begging asking on a go fund me or is that begging as i just need that little help and if anyone out there knows where to i might get a bit of help as i feel so useless if anyone knows anything or anywhere i can try for support please DM me on IG Angielee gilhooly don't have posts i have a picture I'm going to put up some more thank you for reading please please don't hate on me I'm asking for help I'm so lonely you wouldn't believe just how bad i get with being so lonely its real and it happens to us

    27. 47BluTv🔥🔥

    28. Lil Sly

      Lil’ Sly ft BeatKing “Big Booty Remix “ (Official Video )

    29. ParadoxKnight

      This song is so fucking good imagine not liking it

    30. Cdub

      He was a suspect now he a victim with it

    31. jeremy wells

      Durk look like he be holding so much pain in 🤦🏾‍♂️ rip von

    32. BeauBeau /COC

      This shit hard

    33. Eric Maston jr

      One nigga telling will take the gang away😔😔

    34. hasibul islam

      Missing A Boogie on this heavy 😢😰

    35. Isaiah Lamont

      Yhu could see durk is hurt bro🤦🏻‍♂️

    36. MILLI

      Bro know money dirty as hell right

    37. Johnathan Caldera

      Durk carried hard

    38. King Smooth

      Its clear that lil durk is way more successful than sosa rn

    39. Rare Hills


    40. newwave gad


    41. いきすちそ

      I’m crying thinking about Von man, y’all did him right

    42. Arenzo Washington

      RIP King Von



      1. Up In Blood

    44. Mitch Inconnu


      1. Up In Blood

    45. Free Mac

      Meek or j cole

    46. 3K StoneR New kid banger

    47. Zays Blicks


    48. tone1245

      Wiping his face with money? In a pandemic?

    49. Frederic Reid


    50. Frederic Reid


    51. Alfred Nyadimo


    52. mullar decipher

      V I B E

    53. lilstunna _50

      Da song yah bad yuh fuck 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

      1. Up In Blood

    54. Djazes Yessiirr

      The fuck is Lil durk laughing? Wtf is so funny?

    55. Arome68 Thomas

      I feeling this joint......For Real

      1. Up In Blood

    56. G3N3ThAB3ast

      “I kno a Opp who was suspect now he a victim wit it”

    57. Brendan Coates

      Come to Brazil

    58. Mr Willy

      This really one of those songs you don’t want to end 😭🔥

      1. Up In Blood

    59. NinjaMan Stinj


    60. Mind Blower

      Meek Mill's face 00:12

    61. Queefton Springs

      This reminds us of our rap "Dragon in my Lap" :)

      1. Queefton Springs

        That is NASTY!! Great Work

      2. Up In Blood

    62. John Brown


      1. Up In Blood

    63. aso1

      Im just hoping someone will takes this autotune away

      1. Up In Blood

    64. M Landry

      They look like snitches

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    73. Tiffy Whip

      Durk been doin alot of features lately....🤔

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    77. Golden Fox

      Rip king von

    78. Timario Gordon


      1. Up In Blood

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    94. dutoiu hour

      Who cant stop listening to this song bruh?🔥

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    100. Deep Balls

      If u going threw pain y’all make it threw just put your head to it and y’all make ❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾