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    1. Johan Sanderson

      4:00 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    2. Epic gamer312 21

      Plz pick me for the give away you make the impossible possible

    3. User# 98

      Are we stronger than steel???

    4. Netty Sisto

      Dose that mean beat saber is real?

    5. El Gallito

      Since I was a kid, I knew this moment was going to happen someday.

    6. Gevizhist

      Its more like uhh flame trower in a stink form

    7. The_Observer

      Still has long ways to go

    8. Supreme Nation

      They should try doing it fast

    9. Anuroop Keshav

      Shoot a bullet through the saber and make a slo-mo video of it!

    10. Thino 313

      2:48 maverick in our team be like

    11. Lian Lisay

      Make hulk buster

    12. Daniel Voehringer

      I got way too excited over a flame thrower.

      1. afutla qian

        Is it just me or can you guys picture them making more and robbing a bank...

    13. James Waterfield

      Couldn't this thing be used for rescue operations

      1. afutla qian

        are these ever going to be for sale

    14. Gaige Poitevient

      Make a roller suit

    15. Gaige Poitevient

      Make a roller suit


      What if you make scorpions weapon from mortal combat

    17. A.a.g.

      Damn this is very hot...

    18. Gage Poitevient

      You should make a roller suit

    19. Gage Poitevient

      You should make a roller suit

    20. Willian M.

      that was cool but I wouldn't stick to propane. Try working out with the same CO2 plasma cutting technologies, or even optic fiber lasers stacked together with a regulated focus point so that you can customize the length of it. Your project was really good looking, but just good looking, nothing even close to a real light saber performance that could be achieved with fiber lasers or CO2 tube lasers. Due to the form factor and efficiency I'd jump straight to fiber lasers. Imagine cutting through 5mm steel like butter. And the same thickness of the movie light sabers, due to fiber flexibility. But don't think it will be easy.. there's a lot of optics involved and is something that would take maybe half a year to develop that tech.. (focusing the optic fiber beam so that it ends in the right length)

    21. Ezz Amr

      And that’s hwo the first fire began

    22. Ravi Kirti Yadav

      It's like dream coming true

    23. Brandon France

      Really want them to build clouds buster sword. Probably would be rather easy and cheap compared to a mf lightsaber

    24. Haro Artistry

      You should use that as a tool

    25. Nin Rolan

      Who agree that hacksmith should make war machine shoulder gun?

    26. the mobile gamer

      are these ever going to be for sale

    27. Kaitlyn Quint

      Is it just me or can you guys picture them making more and robbing a bank...

    28. Mitchell Warren

      "What would you guys destroy with a lightsaber?" Oh. You know. THE JEDI ORDER.

    29. Zachary Simpson

      I had some ideas of things to make

    30. lochinvar00465

      Try running it on hydrogen/oxygen. Should get about 6000 degrees (F of course)

    31. Tony Flamingo

      So are those sound fx the real thing or added in?

    32. Zodiak Vlad

      i bet some maniacs are asking them how much do they want for this

    33. Native2087

      So its a portable meat tenderizer...men will buy this

    34. Chase Dean

      Next can you work on the data knife from titanfall

    35. yvngvoidrr

      Angry birds Star wars *intensifies*

    36. arturo mejia

      What happened to the jetpack make your own!!!!

    37. Hector Rivera

      Dude great work, also, all your videos have put in evidence in something critical, we need to start investing a lot more in something akin to the ARC reactor, seeing you carrying those fuel canisters hit me, we already have the theoretical and practical knowledge as well as the organizational skills to build a lot of the stuff we see in scifi, but without efficient portable energy sources to power all these machines we are just signing for a catastrophic upheaval produced by machine-learning backed automation hitting the worker and middle classes hard, global climate change disrupting our food generation cycles and old-fashioned chauvinistic politics using the discontent to provoke wars and repression. Yes, I know the fossil fuel industry gives a lot of works to people, but we are already getting hit by super-hurricanes wreaking our coastal cities and flooding river-based urban areas. Even if people say this climate change is natural guess what, we will need some serious engineering to fix it unless you are one of those who will kneel and accept doom, it will be a terrible idea to use fossil fuels to power up such hypothetical weather fixing devices, I recognize I am not an specialist in meteorology or advanced physics but I suspect such machines would need massive amounts of energy.

    38. Kayla Thompson

      Finally something good happens in 2020 🎉👏🏼🤓

    39. I like Cheese


    40. John Fabbri


    41. muhesu

      The most important test should be, cutting bread, while toasting it!

    42. grimy camper

      That sounded ominous lol

    43. Gabriel Galindo

      Here's an idea make the Fallout 76 Pip-Boy

    44. lightning lightning

      Do a cockroach

    45. Insanecamo

      Isn't this kinda just an large plasma cutter with a fancy housing?

    46. Pateraka Gaming

      Try to break unbreakable box with it

    47. McIntosh Webber

      “As you can see, it melts vibranium” worst statement ever lol

    48. Aditya singh

      my hero hacksmith

    49. KB345 BOSS

      dont let the government find out about this

    50. anthony adelantar

      awesome..... super cool.... last thing to do is how to use it in sword fights...

    51. Cloud Lightning

      You should make it MORE powerful and rule the world

    52. Tomasz Wacławik

      500 watermelons. A Guinness World record in cutting watermelons with a LIGHTSABER

    53. McIntosh Webber

      The sound effects 😂

    54. Just Sprocket

      Y'all should make some toast with that

    55. indeepj

      Now That I Realize, Thats An, Oddly Short Blade

    56. Achilles Deherrera


    57. Wilbur Bakes

      Is that it’s actual sound?

    58. Branik // Terry

      united states army:

    59. Aharon Ask

      Should do a safe

    60. Andrew Palmer

      Hey this looks pretty functional, what practical uses could you use this for?

    61. Rigo Montelongo

      Odm gear that works plz

    62. Jake Stark

      What happened to making R6 gadgets?!?!?

    63. Geo Surfer

      Make the avatars win glider

    64. thecagedsong

      Cut through a couch. Let's get some easier materials and see how fast they can die.

    65. Call me Z0R0

      Do a vid on all your weapons pls

      1. Call me Z0R0

        Also what happened to the attack on Titan swords

    66. Poopcat

      You guys need to make the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda

    67. TheToasterWaffle

      Oh no Darth Vader is coming!!!!....in five minutes!!

    68. Robert Cortez

      2:02 He should’ve said “Hello there!”

    69. H B

      i love how his hairstyle changed more times the bulmas

    70. Simon's Only Fan

      so... does this mean I can barbeque things with a lightsaber in the future?

    71. Shalise Vinson

      imagine being in the apocalypse then his guy shows up with a F***ING LIGHTSABER.

    72. Its_Jautis

      They fokin done etttt

    73. dont not be motivated

      Hacksmith, you should start making better versions of already existing things. Sort of Hacksmithify simple things like a flashlight or can opener

    74. YveltalLuis

      The US was talking about a space force and if they don’t use this as their main weapon ima be disappointed

    75. Utony Nguyen

      It's a flamethrower with extra steps Kudos for the great handiwork and visual!

    76. Nova

      Watch he say” now to try it on a person”

    77. Oscar YT

      Put it in rice

    78. ya boy

      You know this thing looks a lot like a fun and not like a light saber or it could be a heat gun or plasma gun

    79. IIdemonII

      They've done it

    80. juanma2205

      Maverick mains be like...

    81. captainOG

      Y’all need to get with elon

    82. Ray Gaming

      can you make iron man suit

    83. Roblox Gaming

      I can’t wait for him to create a real lightsaber in the movies better than all of his other prototypes

    84. Errorcode_alt Nickle

      NOW THAT'S A LOT OF d a m a g e

    85. I can do all things

      Still can’t believe that making a lightsaber was actually possible

    86. Andrew Agnew-Iler

      Hah! I was down the street smashing/crushing/ripping up tractor trailers with an excavator and had to run to the hardware store for a rake, totally saw your shop! If you ever want to destroy something bigger let me know ;)

    87. dawaby1

      so a flame throw?

    88. ladiesman181002

      Do you think you can make the Dragon slayer sword from berserk??

    89. The Ps4 Streaming Guy

      Fun fact: Lightsabers were actually hooked up to backpacks like yours and were only super hot blades before Kyber Crystals were used

    90. Alex

      Yall should make it more stronger

    91. Kitnekobr

      I think you need more º if youy want to cut things when you pass the saber FAST

    92. Gamer Bro

      You should team up with Mark rober

    93. Creative artist Director

      Hacksmith you are the only Avenger who is real in our world you rock man!! Love and support from Cavacado Studios P.S. we could you in one of OUR projects

    94. legend

      He did it absolute madlad!!

    95. Dragon Scratches Story Telling

      M A N i am glad you guys arent an evil corperation or super villians

    96. Cole Warren

      What if he cut the car's gas tank?

    97. raphikie wano

      lol shut up not lightsaber

    98. Clark Salut

      This man needs to be up there with Pewdiepie, like srsly, someone who can make a Lightwave deserves it

    99. ooogg

      So sweet

    100. Stev

      So you've just built the coolest thermal lance in the world. Neat.