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  1. Nedra Hines

    Vote at your state and local elections!! Our President-elect needs your support. They can only do so much if they have little to no support.

  2. Gabriel Patton

    She won that lawsuit,cause she wasn't lying. AT ALL!!!!

  3. Orin Rodney

    Kkk see

  4. Nedra Hines

    We can all learn something valuable from this interview. Thank you for doing this!

  5. Yanno 225

    Burna that nigga man!!! Cool weed smoking ass 😂 🔥

  6. Alie Davis

    Stop romancing the stone which is Obama he did nothing for black people even when we were are being murdered wholesale he has said nothing.

  7. Gabriel Jefferson

    Most times I go to listen to him, I change it because hes a well scripted rehearsed programmed robot that isn't genuine, very stiff and unreal.

  8. fresh2def234eva

    😩😂😂😂😂career ending wrist surgery in 91 😂😂😂he lying he had career ending Achilles heel injury in..omg .. Shannon you so lame letting him lie

  9. Sleepy Zzz

    Soon ima be at a juice wrld concert

  10. Methodz HD

    23:40 you see how he looks at the camera when he says the Walmart thing happened after he parted ways with the label? The label sent the guys to dababy to kill him but baby got dat fye on him

  11. Exclusive Reality TV

    Racism works both ways! Blacks hates whites and says all this racist stuff while having a platform and expect racism to stop? Well it never will when people with position of power keep up the negative comments and say racist things! If a whit talk show got on the radio and started saying too much watermelons? Would that be right? No it’s not and sadly this is our problem in society take these stupid videos down and don’t support them! If we are going to have a better America we all need to change!

  12. Ricky Richards


  13. Goldiilockz


  14. Goldiilockz

    These old comedians need to sit down and shut up. Your time passed. Go to sleep

  15. Goldiilockz

    She's not a legend. I never found her funny. Shes caca

  16. Goldiilockz

    Lmao Netflix won in the end 🤣 😂 💀

  17. Mr David Ashley

    Angela Yee is a ckfuing hypocrite lol

  18. Delaine Duffey

    This is wayy to common amongst famous celebrities. I know it's a publicity stunt but wow, do up and coming artist have to fight cases like this for major label execs to consider having a face to face. It is an atrosity. I am flabbergasted. #TIHarris #TI #KanyeWest #MrWest #LilWayne #Tunchi #Drake #OVO #DJKhalid #YMCMB

  19. Alexander Danquah

    What has Charlemagne done for black folks personally, cheap talk. No action.

  20. dh kim

    Biden win, Obama win. disaster

  21. BarryBondsPoetry

    Mf's got her lookin like a indian

  22. Lady Souljah

    This is apart of the occult aka New Age Spirituality which is of satan and not of God. Please research this before getting into it. I was into it for awhile because like this woman here it sounded so alluring and intriguing but you're spirit guides and Angel's are not from God. What happens is it does work, you CAN actually "manifest" what you what from the Universe but while doing this your yearning for the Universe and your self to heal and not God. Again research b4 jumping in it like I did because my experiences were scary. I am only speaking a little on my personal experiences. There are alot of others with testimonials. Eventually you allow a portal for demons to enter into your spirit. Take care all

  23. Brit Mart

    That's right Obama! Drop the numbers on em 🙌🏾

  24. Shao Co.

    OO Envy wore a suit! Hahah someone respects Obama more than any guest hes ever met with ever. LOL

  25. Whitney Brown

    does it make u educated no mines public has no privated come on government

  26. AJ Thaguy

    R.I.P king von🕊🕊

  27. Whitney Brown

    public private no

  28. Whitney Brown

    pressure people

  29. Got Vision

    Theyre not the voice for black people stop promoting these people like they are so much shit happening they are silent if the money not there they don't have nothing to say

  30. JP O'Keefe

    Greatest President, stereotypically!

  31. lamar boyd

    3 platinum albums in a year-&-half, much respect due, then x share knowledge helped me move around these traps through these blocks

  32. Gary Tunstall

    Why didn’t they ask about reparation.

  33. Jonathan Willis

    I never watched this shit this shit funny dab plus a dap counter nigga please 🤣

  34. Rhonda Davis


  35. Yeah So What

    This is why I voted for Trump. I still can’t believe even seeing these comments that Biden allegedly pulled it off..

  36. Beyonce Knowls

    BIZZY BONE!!❤️❤️...

  37. Drucella

    I find it interesting that President Barack Obama did absolutely nothing for Black people or the black community.. He even neglected to appoint two leading black female judges to the Supreme Court but instead chose to appoint a Latina judge and a white woman professor with no judicial experience. Yet I did not hear one word from Charlemagne or any other celebrity about Obama's" black agenda " SMH. Black people think Obama is a god. Yet he did nothing to place or open doors that would place blacks in better circumstances. While white presidents always take care of their own when they are in office.🥺🥺

  38. Darryl

    Who knew Rudy Huxtable would grow up to be an activist

  39. Justin Rakestraw

    If he did so what? They said not guilty the end.

  40. R. Jeter

    Animated AF

  41. Walt J

    He did nothing today 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Larry Farrow

    Angela felt hard when niggas said I can quit...

  43. Red River Aerial Photography

    Hussein was and still is an embarrassment to the black community and the entire country.

  44. Larry Farrow

    Angela needs to grow

  45. Larry Farrow

    Angela laughed when she said she's a different person at work... childish she's like 45 giggling over I'm isha at home smh

  46. Cosmic Brownie

    Why dont he come out and just be honest with the people Michelle is a man.

  47. Brit Mart

    We love you Obama!❤️

  48. kwashere

    Can we petition Netflix for the movie?!

  49. kkrobertson1

    I have worked in corporate America (Tech Industry) all my life! I have yet to see a woman idea get taken from her! I'm sure it does happen but its not something that goes on ALLL THE TIME! In fact its the opposite! I came up with a solution to a problem that help the company I was working at the time avoid a fine for breach of contract. I was in-charge of the Tech department , A women was in-charge of shipping receiving, customer service etc.. She has a bachelor in business management; I have an Associate in engineering. For what ever reason she felt because she had a BA and I had an AA. She was suppose to run both departments. On top of that right to my face! She said "DIDN'T I COME UP WITH THAT IDEA"! I said NO!! I did! You sat their like everyone else who did not have a clue on how to fix the problem! I than walk away from her. PS, she's a black woman and I'm a black man, enough said!

  50. Portly Johnson

    Ctg what does Amanda seales think about this, I'm sure it'll b rational and profound

  51. canelover90

    Yall are doing soooo much damage in continuing the legacy of worshipping Obama and not having the intelligence to push back on the lies he told in terms of the data.

  52. anthony gifford

    He’s talking right empowerment for black people

  53. anthony gifford

    Got get him and Candace Owens debate

  54. LIVE on Lock

    Envy went to go cry in tha car😂😂

  55. N00 ENTERTM.

    fackin clown

  56. Roderick Rembert

    Thats gay

  57. FEB 1985

    There is a lot of criticism amongst our people about Obama not having a black agenda....why? You don't live in a country that's comfortable with it. Our country has not grown that much since Segregation. There are millions of living Americans who can speak on living in the segregation era. Obama was the trailblazer and groundbreaking in American history but he can't carry the cross. There is no Black leader. Go lead yourself. You want the system to have a black agenda...then you penetrate the system with a black agenda from the ground up NOT from the Oval office.

  58. Naomi’s Reactions

    She’s adorable

  59. Sharon Frances Pilgrim

    #HowToLaughChallenge any parts for an ole jackass with gray hair? ©©©©©©√√√√√√

  60. The Smith Financial Relief Group SFRG

    Black men healing? He needs to heal! All of us don't have mental/ healing issues.

  61. Second Sight

    Did he win the election? Or was he part of the rigging?

  62. Beyonce Knowls

    DIAMOND!!💜🧡💚. PRINCESS💜❤️...

  63. GardenTime

    What's wrong with a big nose I love strong facial features I want a broad nose,dark skin and curly hair women. The darker the better but I don't discriminate all shades are attractive

  64. Miss Jhane Universe

    Love it. Bring her back

  65. Stephanie So Scandalous

    He is such a evil man

  66. Annie S.

    I agree about modernizing the Constitution. There are ONLY two job requirements for the office of the President and BOTH are two things you don't control: geographical location of birth and age! There are more requirements to work in fast food! Pretty dumb!

  67. D Clark

    LMFAO they though Bizzy was a girl with his voice! I love this dude, very humble and down to earth.

  68. Melvin Mansoor

    I come back to watch this maybe once every 2 months

  69. Do The Most

    The Breakfast Club was so immature with their arguments. How does a child know that they want to be a different sex other than what they are born as? The fact that they want to keep placing these anti-ideas on her is disgusting. They are full of ish. Stanton is right there is a lot of mental destruction going on with gender identity. Yee so irritating and fake intelligent.

  70. Basti Döhner

    What he says about trump in the beginning became 100% true after all!

  71. Sal StayFresh Jabarti

    Couldn’t watch past MLK jr. Wow he really believes his own lies.

  72. Charl De Bruyn

    How is it possible that Charla always gets away with being so blatantly racist 🤔

  73. Pay Day


  74. Abraham Msemwa

    Still watching !! LEGEND

  75. jayvon blasingame

    🍕 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 If you know you know 💯

  76. Robin Jackson

    this is my 1st time ever heard of Flame!!! i could not stop laughing😂😂😂 I would love to hang with flame all day❤ i love this interview❤

  77. mrpmac

    If I... talk... very slow... and uhhhh... carefully........... well, does that... make me... errr... sound... ummm... more intellectual... uhh... and contemplative?

  78. Josue Moreno corral

    Never realized charla had a lisp, bro the only brotha besides tyson that's ballin with a lisp

  79. Bill L

    I believe the management of “THE REDSKINS” should grow a pair of BALLS and keep the name that they’ve had for decades! Don’t bow down to the political correctness of the losers who think they are offended keep the name!!! If they have to change their name then why don’t the chiefs?

  80. Caramel Spice

    Billionaires control our government thru fake @ss sellout politicians...Idgaf about the grammys.🙄