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  1. Ryu Ken

    Gawddamn pacman's fights were electric. Crowd going crazy the entire time. No one is this exciting now days

  2. Lindsey John Bodonia Coronel

    grabbed many times, and then punch. dirty boxer horn

  3. nUk3M -

    Fuck lame ass Crawford using low blows to get wins smh🤬👎

  4. Joel Bumatay


  5. A E I O U

    Sarap sa ears "The young international SUPERSTAR" hehehe 😍😍😍

  6. Michael michael

    Ahahaha when referee stopped the fight Khan start walking like nothing happens...what a fraud

  7. Beki Adler

    Tom beat you like a little kid.

  8. Michael michael

    1st round touched his chin and goes down 🤣🤣

  9. Michael michael

    This is the bum quitter who wanted Mayweather ? 🤣🤣


    Bradley no lo considero buen boxeador ...

  11. Keep Funk Baby

    You're meant to be a warrior....not a quitter.

  12. Ray G_Athlete

    This channel is one of the best channels in boxing. Pacman the GOAT. 🥊

  13. M. A.

    I walk around 175. Can match his weight. I have no formal training, would love to put him to sleep. California in da house.

  14. N00BOOB

    32:35 This off topic but the way big boy from Crawford’s corner slid in to pick him up was clean as hell lmao Good fight tho fr

  15. Leon Garcia

    this is a real classic boxing from boxing legends.

  16. Jim Raymund Mulat

    No 5th fight . Coz he aint got real men pride . I though mexican and filipinos have same pride . But this mexican chicken out and didnt give PAC a 5th fight.😅😅😅

  17. marius Talos

    Terence is profefional boxing apply at his best by the book


    Salamat idol sa mga pag papalakas loob mo sa buong kababayan natin...napaka ganda ng kanta mo....katumbas yung mga pinag daanan mo...para sa lahat...

  19. Since92Tv

    Yall really ripping showtime off with this shit

  20. stay polite

    Teofimo looked way bigger.

  21. JFresh214

    No Lie Teo Will Beat Haney Ryan And Tank

  22. Luis Cerda

    Wooooooow o my god. Judge Bad. The best is Pacquiao Wooow is a Steal , The fight the win Pacquiao.

  23. Sum Solution

    Whenever i lose money in sport gambling, i come here

  24. Trublu72 Lewis

    It was a dead leg! illegal shot yes but no where near his tackle! He was finished at the point he quit!

  25. Ismael Quiñones

    Ay kellebarlo poapoco esmuijobensito todavía



  27. Notfrom Thisworld

    Sugar ray Lenord too Durant all these guys prime paquiao he ran from prime paquiao prime Mosley Valero prime de la Hoya you name it even prime Felix Trinidad would got him lol all hype again if I do that to old guys not on prime I look good too with all those hand faints and moveing in and out I never believe the hype this guy he was more of ilusinaste and a con man than a legen real fighter not hate facts

  28. Notfrom Thisworld

    For example a fighter like Chavez sr would destroy him on that body

  29. Notfrom Thisworld

    Maywather is good but always fought people wrong times avoided the best in there prime he new a good body puncher with a heavy right would beat him if he fought the best in there prime no love for him ever I can look good fighting kids too and do all that

  30. Notfrom Thisworld

    Did gottie dirty but he fought him when gottie was old no respect for maywather

  31. Greg Madison

    Cynthia was all over that black dude lol she kept looking back for him even while holding hands with Loez.....if I was Teofimo I would of been pissed off at her for holding that other man's hand.

  32. SuperJohnnyuk

    8 knock downs wow , 4 each I’d like to see rematch

  33. Doydoy Montejo

    WOW 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  34. Fonsy A.

    The similarities of Pacquiao and Marquez with Goku and Vegeta: 1. Character Traits - Pacquiao matches Goku’s personality because Goku is the most dominant Saiyan warrior while Pacquiao was very unstoppable during his prime, and he’s a humble guy. Marquez matches Vegeta’s personality because he sometimes acts cocky and he never backs down against stronger opponents, and he is known as Pacquiao’s long time rival. 2. Rivalry - Goku vs Vegeta and Pacquiao vs Marquez are very legendary rivalries. Goku was very dominant against Vegeta in their whole rivalry just like how Pacquiao was with Marquez. Goku won the first fight with Vegeta (I won’t count the scene when Vegeta becomes a great ape cause it was unfair), while Pacquiao won the trio against Marquez. But during their final fight, Vegeta won against Goku at the Buu Saga, while Marquez won against Pacquiao at their fourth fight. 3. Fight Scenarios - In Goku and Vegeta’s first fight, both men were evenly matched, and both were exchanging hits and moves. But their fight ended when Goku won against Vegeta in the “Kamehameha vs Galick Gun” battle. In their rematch at the Buu Saga, Vegeta came more stronger than their last fight. Goku and Vegeta fought in their full powered Super Saiyan form. Just like the first fight, both men were evenly matched, but Vegeta managed to figure Goku out in their rematch which made Vegeta dominating the fight. In the end, Vegeta knocks out Goku which made him win their second, and last fight. Just like Goku and Vegeta, Pacquiao won the first, and second fight by knocking down Marquez, and outboxed him in the third. In the fourth fight, Marquez came stronger and manage to dominate Pacquiao and won by knocking him out. But after Goku and Pacquiao’s loss, they both became stronger fighters than before. 4. Respect - Of course... Goku and Vegeta respect each other and became allies after the Buu Saga. Even Pacquiao and Marquez showed great sportsmanship with each other after the fourth fight and became good friends.

  35. Al Aguilera

    Train and make multiple champions then call yourself the best trainer in the game

  36. John Jay Carandang

    Pac can easily beat Bud 😂

  37. Theoriginal thinker

    Hearns mistake was trying to go toe to toe with Hagler. Still, a tremendous first round!

  38. Adolfo Cabeza

    Si como Adolfo Cabeza

  39. cabz Jamisola

    Wow nice fight

  40. clayton jackson

    Say what you may this man is a sniper extraordinaire!!!! The man is the best

  41. Jaime Alexis Edades

    Humble Manny in. So many ways

  42. Jay Nguyen

    They’re gonna build this up to become a three fight package. No rematch clause so it creates more demand from fans around the world. Once the arenas opens doors to fans, the talk will start. They won’t pass up all that money. Bob ain’t stupid.

  43. Vaggzarts 81

    Mayweather left the group 😄

  44. penero jenkins

    Definitely some of his best work.

  45. Enrique Guillén

    Mannnn it's great when they box each other to almost collapsing, instead of running around the ring pointing an elbow all the 12 rounds and just thinking about money and being 50/0 instead of the actual love to box!! This is great stuff not bullshit! Could care less what they think

  46. seeriu ciihy

    WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

  47. ProfessorChannel

    Seeing this is definitely entertaining, but I wonder what happens when he gets more rounds in and the fight is going on longer than he wants. I wonder how well his conditioning will be and his adjustments. As exciting as he looks, he’s not really gonna learn anything unless he gets rounds

  48. David Lam

    ...i want to you, until Peer (fear) in me subsides


    He was not the loma Im expecting. Hope he will come back to retake the crown.

  50. Meek 101

    I wanna see this guy against Eumir Marcial

  51. Tom Seering

    Davey Moore was young bad match SRL wipped duran

  52. AngelDMR

    Buddy askin for a rematch 😂😂 he said early stoppage

  53. Raul Lozano


  54. Cheek Clapper

    What joke decision

  55. Lirio Galvan


  56. carlos santiago

    As a Mexican construction worker, I Will bet my 20 years savings on Félix Verdejo over Teofimo López anyday,summer of the 2021,Puerto Rican day parade Weekend, Edgar Berlanga undercard!! Nothing Cant beat that Match, Félix Verdejo vs Teofimo Lopez June 2021

  57. The Amateur Guy

    Idol manny

  58. Jericho Beach

    When you like both fighters very much. This was an era.

  59. Floyd Money Mayweather Mayweather

    А где эта вся бровада в бою с Лопесом??))))

  60. Juan David Romero Moreno

    Top Rank fucks PBC, this is so much better than those shitty fights of PBC on ppv

  61. A As

    Папаша шизофреник

  62. Paul Schoeters

    Wauw what a bum tyson suddenly c'ant fight no more never seen a heavywaight champion fight like a bitch

  63. Shauka Hodan

    When Loma hardly threw a punch for the first 6 rounds, how can he claim to have definitely done enough to win. Lopez 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 12. Loma 7,8,9,10 and 11.

  64. mav mav

    Lopez, he didn't fight for the other belts ... He doesn't have to brag about them, but these are the rules, this is about money, marketing.

  65. Laercio vieira da silva Silva

    Com o loma, ele levou soco a vontade sai com cara toda,inchada kkkkk.

  66. Eugenio Rodriguez

    Thank you teofimio I make 6 thousand dollars cause of you

  67. Yorkie Torralba

    Mexican city people the best fighter

  68. vamsi jayasimha karanam

    Wonder why so many dislikes for the sensational boxer ??

  69. Warrior B

    Just can’t beat that.

  70. Margarito Juarez

    Para una buena pelea tienen que ser los dos buenos peleadores como Márquez y paquiado no como esta

  71. Luis Navarro

    El robo del siglo

    1. seeriu ciihy

      i would like to attend a fight between lopez and tyson fury. it should be very good

  72. Luis Navarro

    El robo del siglo

  73. Sal Khan

    I love TEOFIMO Sr style..screw whatever anyone saying about him...he was 100% dedicated to his son...and fyi theirs a lot of bitch ass hoe ass dads that abandon their kids. Congrats to him

  74. Erick Ferrari

    La garra Catracha #teofimolopez!!! Viva #honduras

  75. Angel Carrasquillo

    Lopez gonna co.e take this mans cookie

  76. us them

    Dude is a beast

  77. Bahls Deepe

    #KhanQuit 💯

  78. Owandres

    12:07 literally muay thai tripping manny. Elbows. Leading with the head. pushing down mannys head. He mustve bought the judges/ref himself if he knows he can get away with this shit so blatantly. Anyone right in their mind will avoid AU for boxing bouts. what a disgrace.

  79. Monkey Police

    Dirty fight and dirty referre.

  80. longangp konyak

    This is bribery. Manny pacguiao won the game. This is problem with western people, everywhere there is corruption. The corruption started with group of audience hailing at Horn and I was already suspect that those cheering audience too bribed just to divert the attention of the others complaint against the malpractice. It is 💯% Manny pacguiao won. Better not play any games with western people unless one has to knock out the opponents Judges are going to favour Asian, Africa and Middle east. I was shocking at Horn team members lifting up after the game the boxer never bunches and bunches of Manny pacguiao proved blood flowing on the horns face. Fighting with May Weather was also same. When this bribery and corruption going to change. Let Almighty God judge between them.