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  1. Brandon Hallman

    Survive nomatter what Tom I know this is random but God has blessed us all this year place no bet but I will say this jesus has talked with me twice I live a dream of chillin with my fam no lie I will make a hit single bc I'm heading for bc my gravestone is solid as a stone .... Wait for the sign for us to rise

  2. OLD GOD'S Productions

    Dude you're sick bro!!!!

  3. Dino 666

    :57-:107 best part of the song🐎😈👹☠️

  4. Ryan Ackerman

    i know this has been said. what if nova is your 2nd cuz? joking. love your shit and you are sexy in a dress lol

    1. Ryan Ackerman

      i love all your songs but the ptsd one helps

    2. Ryan Ackerman

      this its is the first time ive commented on the tube so if i dont sat anything cuase im tarted. keep it up brother lots of us around

  5. Jamie L

    This song is so relatable to almost everyone and what’s sad sad sad is it’s prob more relatable than his cancer song (it hits home as well) but is sad because why don’t we have even half the research or resources for PTSD that we do for cancer & why do our men and women have to die even after making it home from the actual war? I’ll tell you why. The ones they went to war for are back home (here) being selfish, inconsiderate, judgmental & have zero care in their hearts about that man drinking it up and acting crazy or the man sleeping under the bridge (all veterans). Hardly no one stops and says that did is acting crazy but he was in the war and he was only there so that I could continue to live in freedom so let’s give him a little patience or maybe try to see if there is anything I have that he may need. Please think how just one minute must feel for that veteran when his pride has to resort to drugs and alcohol to forget all the things he or she has seen or how it must feel for him to hold that sign and beg you and me for money that we only made because he risked his life for us to do so? Please please stop and think you guys. To Tom! Man you are so amazingly talented and I love all your music and trust me it’s controversial in my world by the people around me but in my house and in my car and my yard Tom, Upchurch, Adam, Struggle & B are Blasted on the reg. But Tom this song I pray brings more awareness to this. Because God knows we need it.

  6. The Ugly Truth 2.0

    Great song I wish chadwick could have heard it before he passed from cancer

  7. Jamie L

    Thank you Tom

  8. Thomas

    Got this song on repeat while on the lawn mower with my daughter. Straight banger

  9. Ashley Kobus

    I literally hate this guy.....he's made enemies of ppl I highly respect and I just think he could've made his path different and pulled in more fans instead of taking sides....u stupid thooooo

    1. Ashley Kobus

      @feelings Are Not Arguments hah your just another poser follower your not even worth my witty remarks 😂

    2. feelings Are Not Arguments

      Wa wa....Need a tissue?

  10. Ronald Fry

    Anlodipine guess I got good speakers 🔊

  11. melanie pelkey

    Thank you for this song !!! Two time cancer survivor here and it has been a rough road along the way but I never gave up !!



  13. Roger Garcia

    I know people my hate what im writing but the truth is we all need to work on ourselves love is the key on changing the world lets all grow as people and it does not matter what color of race you are we can all learn from one another we must not be control by anyone of this world like the people in power remember that everything in this life is connected time to unplug and reprogram our minds and heart and soul and fix all parts of our realms read and educate yourself and wake up the minds that is sleeping remember that he that knows everything knows nothing i pray for all of you i might not know anyone but know one thing i care for the world and the people in it i love all of my brothers and sisters and remember your never alone we all have divine light



  15. Kelsea Webber

    "Oh dear, I can't believe I had to set this shit straight. Man, old ears, I hope you hear exactly what I say. Man, I'm here, you said you didn't even know my name, dawg, so here, I'll say it so you don't forget again. It's Tom Macdonald, Bitch." -Dave falls into grave-

  16. vicki L Roe

    This is one of my favorites

  17. Kelsea Webber

    Damn, don't know who Dave is, but he got FUCKED. LOL.

  18. Nikaveli ThaWhitePantha

    Would be honored to collaborate with you #HOG & #ATC333 collaboration #nikaveli_thawhitepantha_333 #KARMA

  19. Nikaveli ThaWhitePantha

    Realist artist

  20. Nø_Nõnsênsé

    Which album is this on?

  21. Eric Mahoney

    Tom goated

  22. Eric Mahoney

    Tom the truth

  23. Neutalic

    Damn when I blow up without a label I’ll thank Tom Macdonald for the help

  24. Blake Elliott

    That Ellen cosign bar is perfection. Everything about it is flawless, and I’m not even an Ellen hater.

  25. Ben Francois

    It's true

  26. Jo ann St andrews


  27. Ben Francois

    One of my favorite songs form tom

  28. Ben Francois

    Remember he said if he was black not if you were black so case in point only Tom can say what he would do if he was black