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  1. Dominika Kovács

    Jó ez a zene a legjobb a világon

  2. Bhadra Jidesh

    Doryyy is soo prettyyy

  3. sun

    So dude 👁️🐽👁️

  4. Dracũla

    kim breaking kim handsome min sleeping jung hope park cutey kim fantastic jung rabbet purple wourld

  5. bích ngọc army

    150M come on

  6. Keyur Solanki

    Lyrics Ooh ooh In a world where you feel cold You gotta stay gold Oh baby Yeah Miwaku teki na moon light Koyoi mo nemuranai Tsukiakari o tayori ni Kimi no moto e hide and seek Kokoro e to shinobikonde kimi no majika Chikazuku no sa itsunomanika Kegare o shiranai na Sono hitomi wa daiya Donna hōseki yori mo beautiful Nan do mo mihoreteshimau hodo Kimi kara me hanasenai no more Tokei no hari sae Ugoki o tomeru yo Uh let it glow Stay gold Yume no naka demo Stay gold Sagashiateru yo Stay gold, gold Kimi ni furetakute Stay gold Kimi no subete ni Stay gold Kokoro hikarete Stay gold Te ni iretakute Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold Stay gold Itsu made mo forever gold Kizukarenai yōni Chikazuiteku slowly Yokokusuru yo baby mu bōbi na Kimi o yasashiku Itadaku no sa Kimi no fukai tokoro now... Takanaru omoi wa Kodō o hayameru Uh let it show Stay gold Kimi sae ireba Stay gold Nani mo iranai Stay gold, gold Dakishimetakute Stay gold Ai wa hatenaku Stay gold Hikari o hanatsu Stay gold Donna hoshi yori mo Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold Stay gold, stay gold, stay gold Stay gold Itsu made mo forever gold Just close your eyes Nani mo iwanai I'll steal your heart Mahō no yōni Kiseki nara boku ga miseteageru (Yeah) Sono te o dashite Stay gold Yume no naka demo Stay gold Sagashiateru yo Stay gold, gold Kimi ni furetakute Stay gold Kimi no subete ni Stay gold (Stay gold) Kokoro hikarete Stay gold Te ni iretakute Nozoki mi suru moonlight Koyoi nemurasenai Nigirishimeta sono te o Hanashitaku wa nai yo Stay gold Uh yeah

  7. كيان فان بوي

    لعد اني هم راح اترك الشله اليوم اتركها وبعد ماارجع واني اصلا مسويت شي واتمنى ترجعلكم اميراا باي

  8. Bell B

    Sowon is a tall goddess dream

  9. Dracũla

    kim breaking kim handsome min sleeping jung hope park cutey kim fantastic jung rabbet purple wourld

  10. Lana Day

    ياسو بكرا عيد ميلادي

  11. girl alaj

    One day txt will be like bts ❤️🥺

  12. Rumrazi Tanjung

    149.506.013 Selamat sore

  13. u knw wht im zayin' 2

    tHaNK U GuYzZzZzZ

  14. Wolten

    byburn.info/down/v-d-a/aoh81WPSxqCEqLc.html !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lorraine Abigail Velasco

    it's currently November 28, 2020 todays and in few days, it's his birthday ♡ help this music video to reach atleast 80M or 85M vi*ws ♡

  16. Jennie is queen

    Bu ran dushi, mo nojo so, ba da gul jul koja jiyanka ji~ -HYLT,2020

  17. Phuong Huynh


  18. Shesh

    Bored dudee

  19. Riham Baalbaki

    Stream armyyyy grammy is waitinggg

  20. Jungkook's Trusfrated Girl

    Namjoon's fav emoji- 🤢

  21. Rusul

    streaming rules: 1. search for the mv 2. never creat a playlist you always gotta search for the mv 3. Don’t skip adds if they’re too long watch at least 30 seconds then skip 4. watch the whole mv without stopping, going back or forth 5. Like the mv after you’ve seen the whole mv 6. Don’t comment more than 1-2 comments everytime u watch an mv 7. Comment at least once everytime you watch the mv so yt won’t delete ur view cuz they think you’re a bot 8. Watch 2-3 bts mvs and one NON BTS MV it could be another groups mv in between before going back to it again 9. don’t delete ur watch or search history or the view won’t count 10.Volume 50% or more 11. The quality should be 480 or more 12 Don’t report any comments no comment will effect the views untill we report it 13 don’t comment the same comments the whole time you might be considered bot and if you do all the views in your acc from that day will de deleted!! 14. Wait at least 20 sec before commenting again or else it will be spam and u will get blocked IF U FOLLOW ALL THOSE STEPS THERE IS NO CHANCE YT WILL DELETE UR VIEW OR BLOCK UR ACC

  22. Enhypen_ Nation

    Ik some of you guys are probably annoyed by now seeing me comment now and then but I have somethin to say. Here is a thing: Yall, as long as ENHYPEN is gonn exist, many ppl will turn into ENGENEs and many fans will go out of the fandom. The ones who will enter later, will say that they regret not supporting ENHYPEN from their earlier. Honestly, we are very lucky to witness their debut, we are lucky to witness I-Land taking place. Please dont diss yourself for not contributing v13ws in time or dont say that our fandom is too smol. Rather we all should be happy that our fandom exists and that we have been supporting our bois since the very beginning cuz many peeps are missing this chance out now and will regret it in the future! Remember that, I will always be there whenever you guys feel low, I will be there str34ming plus motivating you guys. As for the goals, dont worry guys, we must stay UNITED as ONE and keep str34ming, even if 24hrs are over it doesnt matter, we have to keep faith in our selves and believe that WE CAN DO IT! FIGHTING!!

  23. budi marwanto

    Buddies follow Yerin Gfriend every_nn Ig

  24. Omar Mohamed Basiuny

    I lo

  25. Kim_ Angie0925

    150M let's go

  26. jjjvm_rm yoon

    850M let go

  27. MHMD

    ارمي شو جالسين تسوون؟ يلا روحوا ع الستريم لديناميت و LGO دول الاهم حاليا

  28. dlmptzr

    We lost the summer~~~

  29. 김태형

    I'm very happy dude 😆😆

    1. Iam Namjoons Broken Sunglasses

      Y dude

  30. BòřâHāė BTS

    Life goes on Like this again~

  31. Nola Pusi

    BTS song : LIFE GOES ON...... ME: Really life goes on 😑😑😑

    1. MHMD


  32. Woad &

    هاي جيب بعد قيلولة دامت 14 ساعة من سهر الستر**يم YoY

  33. Billy Kinder Marcus


  34. Jeon Jungkook

    Bts bts

  35. c u T A E p i e

    _Eh-Oh_ _Bring_ _It,_ _bring_ _the_ _pain_ _oh_ _yeah_ ~

  36. Iam Namjoons Broken Sunglasses

    Dudes what's your age?

  37. Chanyeol

    Cherry. Will . do . It . Later. Idiots

    1. Billy Kinder Marcus

      when. Is . Later. Because. I . Have. To. Go. Soon

  38. Stéphanie Deparis

    slt tous le monde

  39. doe kyu

    AHHHHH REESHUUUU 1. You are really my queen 2. You are really my elsa 3. You are really my everything 4. Because you are 5. Pretty 6. Cute 7. Adorable 8. Flawless 9. Cool 10. Perfect 🥰✨👸🏼♥️😘

    1. A Random Martian :3

      Oh my god thank you Same too youu

  40. ɳαႦαα. ВE

    خلصت الاغنيه اشوف كم فيديو وارجع

  41. Mj Delacruz

    Mahal ko kayo! Filipino army here!💜💜💜

  42. Alka Thomas

    Thanks bts for this masterpiece


    Gas 30m

  44. Bangtan's Illegirl

    Are you still str3aming? I'm hosting a GA of BE album available worldwide. You can join through twt, facebook or insta. search #graceygivesBE and it should lead you to my profile/instructions. Good luck ami!!!

  45. Was an

    لايف كوز اون ..

  46. budi marwanto

    Buddies follow Yerin Gfriend every_nn Ig

    1. Jay Eyy Tee

      Followed all 5 the day it came out & Yuju several days later

  47. Leonor de Campos

    Wow I haven't been commenting at all but Hi Carats!!!

  48. mellodie

    Çol güzelsiniz of

  49. imonyiii 2

    Kalian masih strmng kan? D-2 lhoh ini , semoga semua pada aware apa aja goals kita. Jangan lupa ngumpulin tiket voting di apk vote . Itu penting banget. Ini waktunya untuk serius , sebenarnya dari kemarin juga harus serius, tapi kali ini benar benar serius , seriusnya serius. Ayo semangat ENGENEs!! Semoga ini komen ada yg baca .

  50. lee huimang

    Moroccan army like this if u saw this comments

  51. MHMD

    Army what you doing? Let's go syream to dynamite and life goes on it's important now

  52. Billy Kinder Marcus

    two bunnies CUTEEE

  53. زوزو زوزو

    حبيت 🥺😳💋💔

  54. Jimin's Lollipop

    This was supposed to be their last song 😭😭😞😞

  55. BòřâHāė BTS

    Life an echo in the forest~

  56. hunny bunny


  57. Lyka Kim

    How about 700M before MAMA? Let's get it!

  58. Unicorn Gaming

    Let's see how many people are here in the life goes on era.......

  59. Lana Day

    ياسو كم عمرك؟

    1. Мr. Adeм

      @yasoo ُ نفس عمري

    2. yasoo ُ

      17 🐸🐸🐸

  60. D A R K


  61. A Random Martian :3

    Cherry. Do. Face. Reveal.

  62. Min ia

    Wooooooooohhhhhh i'm back again 😊 jeyhooooooooooooooppppeee😭

  63. Jungkook's Trusfrated Girl

    Whats your recently used emoji collection? Mine: 🌷🌚🔪🥀🔫🐧🐒🤧💐🙃😔🙂🐷😒🧐😑🥺😂😬💜😐🐁😭🤔👏😮🙁

    1. sun


    2. alu ki behen

      i am using computer dude

    3. Sanket Kumar


    4. 김태형


    5. Sravya Sudha




  65. Stan CRACKtan SHOOKeondan


  66. mlle whimsy

    This song is such a bop. 24m? Def needs more views

  67. Vitória3


    1. Jibooty infires me

      Dude you are funny dude

    2. Sravya Sudha


  68. ying h


  69. Tut So

    *Stream properly* Search mv manually on YT search bar each time, watch til end, quality 480p+, volume 50%+, don't skip ads or mv parts, don't replay/loop, wait 15min or watch 3-4 mvs, change streaming order repeatedly, watch short non-bts related videos like cooking, food, drawing etc., No VPN, No icognito mode, No Playlists DON'T CLEAR WATCH HISTORY!

  70. ximin Cruz

    That is also wow

  71. Jeon Jungkook


  72. doe kyu

    Moja uwu I told you already right that you really resembles soobin🥰

  73. Диана Пынтя

    Это шикарно❤️❤️

  74. Em Reyes

    I watched this on nov 24 and how this happend

  75. Sagarika Bora R.

    After streaming Life Goes on. Our Boys are always gonna shine. Saranghaeyo BTS

  76. عيد ميلاد الخقه نورس قرب


  77. DINA Home

    Ilove you bts💜💜💜💜💜🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  78. 5lilx 2

    We support you. We encourage you, no matter what the comments are made by you. Smile. There are many people who love you 💓💓

  79. bangtanboys dream kimseokjin


  80. dlmptzr